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Universal Timbers are the experts when it comes to kitchen renovations. With years of experience in carrying out face lifts for the home, there is no one better to take care of your kitchen renovation Melbourne wide. For a simple kitchen facelift, Universal Timbers can build and install new kitchen doors and a new kitchen benchtop which will totally transform your old kitchen. This simple, affordable option will completely transform your old space into a new and fresh family hub. A kitchen renovation Melbourne based service could be the very thing your home needs.

Kitchen Renovations in Cranbourne, Dandenong, Endeavor Hills, Keysborough, Patterson Lakes and Melbourne wide

Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen or office renovation, we can certainly help. Laminate is a popular material for the home and is a great way to create new spaces in the home at an affordable price. No matter what you choose, our dedicated staff have unrivalled experience and the highest quality kitchen renovations Melbourne has to offer. With the range of colours and styles on offer, you can truly create a space that reflects you and ties in perfectly with any existing décor.

When you want to transform your traditional kitchen into one of the more modern kitchens that are in demand today, just give us a holler!

When you feel like your kitchen space just is not enough anymore, when you get bored of its looks and stress out because you feel it is disorganised, we have a solution to all your worries! As expert kitchen renovators, we specialise in providing hi-tech, functionally superior, modern kitchens to our clients in Cranbourne, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills, Keysborough, Patterson Lakes and other Melbourne suburbs through execution of highly affordable kitchen renovations!

Our kitchen renovations for our clients in Cranbourne, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills, Keysborough and other Melbourne suburbs are executed with finesse and perfection, by following carefully our clients’ requirements and incorporating all the features associated with modern kitchens that are in hype these days! We help in transforming your culinary spaces into ones that are both functionally as well as aesthetically superb!

We will use our creativity to enhance your kitchen’s elements within your existing space, allowing you to enjoy a clutter-free, more organised kitchen space which makes cooking fun and convenient by giving you easy access to all kitchen essentials.

We are friendly, competent and skilled kitchen renovators serving clients in Patterson Lakes and other Melbourne suburbs. We will sit with you for as long as you desire until you feel like you have discussed all requirements and all expected results which you desire once we are done with the kitchen renovations in your homes in Melbourne suburbs including Cranbourne, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills and Keysborough.

Modern kitchens for your homes in Dandenong or any other Melbourne suburb would include features like splashbacks, open shelves, multi-functional cabinets, bright and bold coloured elements, hi-tech equipment such as electric stoves, dishwashers, etc., beautiful islands and countertops and so much more.

We are bursting with ideas for our next kitchen renovations that we will undertake for our Melbourne clients from Cranbourne, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills and Keysborough and other suburbs. So give us a call today at Universal Timbers, your leading kitchen renovators in Patterson Lake and the rest of Melbourne!

For customisable kitchen benchtops and doors or a professional kitchen renovation Melbourne wide, call Universal Timbers today.